BMW 03 Coupe EV Concept

BMW’s recent design evolution has sparked widespread debate, inspiring independent designers to innovate and reimagine. Among these talents is Lukas Wenzhöfer, an accomplished automotive designer and Alias 3D modeler at Porsche.

Wenzhöfer, amid his commitments at Porsche, envisioned the striking BMW 03 Coupe depicted in these images. It can easily be categorized as a compact car. This two-door, digital-only concept outshines the M2 and M4 with its alluring contours.

Lukas aimed to chart a novel design path for BMW with the 03 Coupe, seeking to craft something both “unique and pure.” His design, infused with BMW’s rich legacy, echoes the iconic lines of both vintage and modern models from the storied Munich-based manufacturer. The 03 Coupe is distinguished by its sleek, low profile and robust fenders. Notably, its slender LED taillights, linked by an elegant bar, are discreet until activated.

The design reverently incorporates classic BMW elements, such as the recognizable greenhouse and the famed Hoffmeister kink, alongside a nostalgically sized kidney grille. The design also nods to present BMW models with its alloy wheels and seamless door handles. The design is further enhanced by an integrated spoiler at the rear, reinforcing the car’s three-box shape.

Dimension-wise, the BMW 03 Coupe mirrors the previous M2 (F87) model, stretching to 4,468 mm (175.9 inches). This digital concept envisions an all-electric drivetrain paired with a classic rear-wheel drive, aligning with BMW’s Neue Klasse framework.

The coupe’s emission-free character is apparent in its smaller air intakes and the lack of exhaust pipes. According to Wenzhöfer, such a model could diversify BMW’s current lineup, predominantly powered by internal combustion engines.

Wenzhöfer is already celebrated for his triumph in a global Stellantis contest with the innovative Opel Rocks e-Xtreme concept. This electric vehicle leapt from digital concept to tangible reality as a one-off endorsed by the factory, highlighting the impact of imaginative design. We eagerly anticipate the realization of more of his visionary projects, including this BMW coupe. Until then, delve into the photorealistic images in the accompanying gallery.

At Dream Cars Auto Sales and Leasing, we are thoroughly impressed with Lukas Wenzhöfer’s BMW 03 Coupe concept. Its blend of classic BMW elegance with cutting-edge design elements truly sets a new standard in automotive aesthetics. The move towards an electric powertrain not only aligns with the growing trend towards sustainability but also adds a fresh dynamic to BMW’s lineup. This concept not only honors BMW’s storied past but boldly strides into the future of automobile design. We believe it’s a glimpse into what the next generation of luxury vehicles can offer, combining environmental responsibility with unparalleled style and performance.

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