Do not buy new cars from official dealers; Small local dealers are a better choice.

When it’s time to purchase a new car, our initial instinct is usually to visit an official dealership.

This article aims to illustrate why, in certain cases, choosing a small local dealership over an official dealer can be a better option.

Though there may be skepticism, we’re here to clarify the reasons why this choice is actually quite smart.

A key point to remember is that local dealers often offer more favorable prices for the same car compared to official dealers. Why?

Local dealers funnel a steady flow of customers to official dealers, who, recognizing this value, often provide better pricing through these local intermediaries than to customers who approach them directly.


  • “Why would I pay a middleman when I can go directly to an official dealer for my car?”

When buying a car through a local dealer, you typically aren’t paying extra to a middleman; in many cases, the official dealer pays a commission to the local dealer, so the cost to you remains unaffected.


  • “Local dealers add hidden fees to their prices.”

There’s little likelihood of local dealers adding hidden fees, as doing so would make their car prices non-competitive compared to official dealerships, which they strive to avoid in order to remain attractive to customers.


  • “Smaller dealerships might not have extensive knowledge about the specific car I’m looking to purchase.”

Local dealerships often possess extensive knowledge about various car models due to their experience with diverse inventories, specialized focus, and close customer feedback, making them well-equipped to advise on your specific automotive needs.


  • “I won’t get good financing options at a small dealership.”

Small dealerships often offer competitive financing options through various lenders, providing flexible and sometimes more personalized financial solutions to suit different budgetary needs. They know how to make the best application and not get declined.


  • “Local dealerships don’t provide reliable after-sales services.”

Local dealerships often prioritize providing reliable after-sales services, as they rely heavily on community reputation and repeat business, thereby ensuring customer satisfaction and maintaining long-term relationships within the community.


  • “Purchasing a car from a small dealership might prevent me from using services at an official dealer later on.”

Buying a car from a small dealer doesn’t restrict you from utilizing services at official dealerships later, as car maintenance and repairs are typically available to all vehicle owners regardless of where the car was purchased.


  • “I might not have the chance to view or test drive the car I’m interested in purchasing.”

Most small dealerships offer test drives and provide opportunities to thoroughly inspect the car before purchase, just like official dealers, ensuring you can experience and evaluate the vehicle firsthand.


  • “I trust more official dealers than local ones.”

Local dealerships, reliant on community reputation and repeat business, often establish trust through personalized service, transparent practices, and a commitment to customer satisfaction. However, it’s always worthwhile to read reviews from other customers when choosing a dealership.


  • “The official dealership boasts an attractive office space, a variety of complimentary refreshments, and a large staff.”

While official dealerships may offer luxurious amenities, these are often reflected in their pricing; in contrast, many local dealerships provide equally professional and welcoming environments without the added cost passed on to customers.


  • “I might get scammed at a small dealership.”

Reputable local dealerships value their community reputation and customer trust, often providing transparent transactions and verifiable vehicle histories to ensure a scam-free, reliable purchasing experience.

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Tony SargTony Sarg
04:45 01 Feb 24
Serj from Dream Cars is amazing, I got a new Lexus and he made the process really easy. He treats you like a family and the process so quick and painless and the car is exactly what I want it. I purchased from him before and he is always very professional and knows what his doing. Thank you Dream Cars
Julian StylesJulian Styles
02:15 26 Jan 24
Hands down the best car buying experience I have ever had. These guys were polite, respectful and HELPED GET ME INSURANCE with my purchase!!!! The Best!!!!
Elena GaryElena Gary
23:32 15 Jan 24
Euro Dream Motors is an excellent place to buy a car. Their selection of cars is unmatched and their attention to detail and service is great!They were patient and worked with me while I got financing with my credit union. I also felt confident with their knowledge of the cars they were selling and did not feel pressured into making a decision right away.Based on my experience with them, I highly recommend their services for your next car purchase!
Quantrell JonesQuantrell Jones
05:22 17 Nov 23
I recently fulfilled a dream by purchasing an Infinity FX35 from (Serj) at Dream Cars, and it's truly a dream come true! The entire experience was exceptional, from browsing their extensive inventory to the seamless buying process. Dream Cars' team demonstrated unparalleled professionalism and knowledge, guiding me to the perfect vehicle. The Infinity FX35 exceeded my expectations, offering a perfect blend of performance and luxury. The car's immaculate condition showcased the dealership's commitment to quality. If you're seeking a dream car and a hassle-free buying experience, I highly recommend Dream Cars. They've made my automotive dream a reality!
Liana HovsepyanLiana Hovsepyan
03:28 24 Apr 23
I connected with Serj through the phone and about a week later I got my new car. Everything that needed to be done was done very quickly, effectively and professionally. As a college student with no prior credit history, Serj did an amazing job orchestrating a deal for me. All paperwork was done digitally over text and email so I did not have to visit the office until I picked up the car. Serj and other team members of Dream Cars provide extremally friendly and helpful experience for their customers. If you want high quality service then connect with Dream Cars!
Sima PampukyanSima Pampukyan
05:01 22 Jan 23
Honestly, I don’t know where to begin. I’m sure we’re all familiar with the headaches of buying/leasing a new vehicle. Not to mention how prices have drastically sky rocketed. However, this company has made the experience extremely simple and wonderful. I was overwhelmed and stressed knowing I had to turn in my old car due to an expired lease. Serge (owner) dealt with everything in a matter of 2 days and provided me with an unbeatable deal. I am so happy with my new purchase. The cost was way less than what I anticipated and the car is a dream. Not to mention I didn’t have to worry about ANY extra expenses from my previous car lease. We began the process 2 days ago and I already have the keys to my new Audi A4. Everyone at the office was so kind, knowledgeable, and professional. I will definitely remain a loyal customer and advise everyone to give them a try. Would give them way over 5 stars if I could!
Gabriel UhuruGabriel Uhuru
12:13 25 Jan 21
This was the smoothest, most buyer-friendly experience I've ever had with car buying!!! Serj is an unmatched powerhouse when it comes to negotiating the best possible outcome for you as his client. I needed a good reliable car that won't break the bank, that I would use to build my credit. Serj more than met and exceeded every item on my checklist. I will absolutely be recommending you to all my friends and family for all their car purchasing needs. I'll also certainly be coming back when I'm ready to upgrade or make another purchase. Thank you so much Serj! This was the best experience!

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